Transform knowledge to skill

Who We Are

It is growing company providing software training and development, engineering and consulting solutions to corporate. EZL has aimed to be the broadcast global reach of any online and offline software training, software development.

We are technical specialist company with state-of-art technical high-ends to provide cost effective solutions for customers. With more than 100 customers direct or indirect, local and international.

  • IS to be the partner of choice for customers.
  • TO provide Distnict, Innovative, Precise, and Concise training and development.
  • BE knowledge transferors to individuals.
  • FOR companies we transform these individuals from liabilities to assests.

What Our Core

  • To be Unparalleled partner to our customer providing relevant solutions and focus on ethics then profitability.
  • To measure our success through the success and delight of our customer.
  • To add value to people and build better place to live.

Corporate and Student Training

Certificated Oriented Courses are delivered by our certified trainers for the respective technologies.

Software Development

Analysing, Designing, Programming, documenting and testing.

Technical Consultant

Software maintenance, Technical knowledge evaulation of candidates assisting recruitment, Software architecting.

Cloud Consultant

Cloud implementation and development.

RPA Development and Implementation

End to end business workflow analysis and recommendation to automate.

Data Science

Data Analysis, statistics and Visualising.

Software Products

EZL is proud to undertake turnkey development assignment, and use the object technology for most of our projects.

We have a team of qualified and well-trained professionals in software development with varied levels of experience.

Increasingly, clients are looking for consultancy and project mentoring to help get leading edge system design, development and implementation underway smoothly.